What iS CBD Oil?

CBD is Chemically called Cannabidiol and is one of around 100 Canabinoids substances found naturally in hemp, the Cannabis plant. CBD Oil is Cannabidiol extracted from the Cannabis plant and dissolved in a carrier oil e.g. olive oil or hemp oil and usually delivered in a dropper bottle 10-30 ml volumes.

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Confused about CBD & Cannabis? - is CBD and Cannabis the same - is CBD legal?

CBD oil is gaining Increased popularity as it has been released from restrictions and now being legal. What was previously only for the few as an exotic alternativ to various health problems, it is now a popular choice for health and wellness people as a remedy for relief from about everything from pain, anxiety to depression. ​

The hemp Cannabis plant is divided in ​3 different species, Cannabis sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis and many subspecies, cross breeds and varieties. ​Cannabis sativa is the industrial hemp, characteristic for it's high fiber content, medium CBD and very low THC, while the other two species are known as weed, pot, hash and marijuana, contain high amounts of THC and low to medium amounts of CBD.

While all 100 cannabinoids can be found in all species, the industrial hemp is usually used for production of CBD products, because that species contains only small amounts of the p​sychoactive ingredients THC that gets you "High".

Especially the two "High" cannabis species has hundreds if not thousands of varieties from crossbreeding from home cannabis growers and each variety has it own characteristic content and combination of cannabinoid that gives different recreational experience.

​Crop control in an industrial hemp field. Cannabis plants are dioecious ​with distinct male and female individual ​plants. The male ​reproductive organs, stamina, release pollen and pollinates the female flowers (by wind) which grows to produce the seeds. Each​ female flower is very tiny with two long white ​pistiles​ (stigmata) as shown in the top right.

Important Keyfacts about CBD, You need to know:

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) is not p​sycoactive and will not get you high and is not addictive

• The p​sychoactive ingredient in Cannabis is THC (TetraHydroCannabidiol) which together with it's metabolites give positive drug test result. CBD partially blocks the psychoactive effect of THC as they use the same receptor.

Industrial Hemp Cannabis is very low in THC and medium high in CBD and is therefore primarily used for CBD production. However CBD is also found in various amounts in the "High" Cannabis plants.

CBD and Drug Test. CBD Oil without THC will not trigger a positive drug test, however some CBD oils contain tiny amounts of THC and high intake of these CBD oils could potentially give a small positive drugtest.

Hemp oil is simply cold pressed oil from Cannabis seeds similar to e.g. sunflower oil. Hemp oil (from seeds) doesn't contain any active substances, neither CBD nor THC, and is of no special value nutritionally.

• Cannabinoids in the cannabis plant is mainly found in the flower stands (flower buds) and small leaves (sugar leaves) around the flowers and only small amounts in ​larger leaves and stems.    

​Hemp Cannabis seeds - with a sprout to the right. Seeds are ​used to process hemp Oil.  

• CBD (industrial hemp derived) is now legal in Canada and all 50 USA states and CBD (without THC) can be sold in Europe.

• Industrial hemp is used for production of 2000+ different products. The first US flag was made of hemp.

• Cannabis psycoactive ingredients was used by doctors in US as medical cannabis up to 1937, until the marijuana act banned cannabis in the so called Marijuana Tax Act, effectively prohibiting all use of cannabis on a federal level.

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• CBD oil has certain health benefits, however since it is not approved by FDA to treat any disease, I cannot give any health recommendations nor can I answer any questions about it's use in health issues.

Health benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil has certain health benefits, however since it is not approved by FDA to treat any disease, I cannot give any health recommendations nor can I answer any questions about it's use in health issues.

CBD is an anti-inflammatoric substance and reduce inflammation and interact with neurotransmitters and with the body's natural endogenous endocannabinoide system with cannabinoid receptors. Yes, you heard me right, the body has natural cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 that cannabis derived cannabinoids, CBD and THC and others, can attach to with various effects.

The endocannabinoids naturally produced by the body of humans and animals are not identical to the cannabis derived cannabinoids, they just attach to the same receptor and trigger the same response.

Studies have shown cannabinoids function as neuromodulators for varies processes, which include motoric learning, appetite, and sensation of pain and other physical- and brain functions.

​Documented functions of CBD are therefore according to its function on the endocannabinoid system and comprises:

• Relief of pain e.g. in cancer patients and chronic pain patients e.g. rheumatoid arthritis and backpain.
• Relieve of spasticity in Multiple Sclerose patients.
• Positive effects on anxiety, depression, nausea and vomiting.
• CBD has been shown to have an effect on some epileptic patients
• CBD oil has shown to Improve sleep by increasing the important REM period of the sleep, thus improve the life quality when awake. So all patients with sleep problems could potentially benefit from CBD oil.
• Lower stress level
• Improve the immune system. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatoric substance.

​Are there any health risk of taking CBD Oil?

CBD​ oil is well tolerated by most, however some may experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea and bloating. People's sensitivity and response from CBD, varies a great deal.  

Therefore always start small by just a few drops and wait for ½-1 hour to feel the effect of CBD.

CBD could interfere with certain medical drugs especially if the drugs says you should not eat grapefruit as that fruit has influence on certain liver enzymes, that metabolize medical drugs and CBD.
Therefore you should always consult with your medical doctor, when taking CBD.

Women should not use CBD when pregnant or breast-feeding,  just to play safe.

which forms come CBD in?

​The most common form to take CBD is CBD dissolved in a carrier oil e.g. Hemp oil or Olive oil and in a dropper bottle size 10 or 30 ml. in concentrations 500-750 mg CBD/ml. You can also find CBD dissolved in alcohol as a tincture.

You can get CBD infused foods, like edibles such as gummy bears and sweets and Coffee and Coffee Creamer. As sprays to spray in mouth.

To swallow or not to swallow CBD
​For CBD oils and tincture hold it in the mouth for several minutes to absorb the CBD over the mouth mucosa, then swallow. If you eat CBD you will probably get less CBD absorbed into the body, it is diluted in the intestinal tract, some is absorbed, some is eliminated intact and maybe some is tied to different substances.

​What is the dosage of CBD
It will vary a lot individually, thus you should always start small with few mg e.g. 5 mg and wait ½-1 hour to register the effect. Then when you learn how you react and how fast, you can adjust the dosage according to that.

A 16 mg/ml CBD hemp oil bottle, will give you approximately 1 mg per drop. Put it under the ton​gue and hold it there for 1 minute or longer then sw​allow.

How many times daily should I use CBD
Again it's individually, but 1-3 times daily. You need to try and learn your optimal dosage.

CBD Products

​Hemp CBD Infused Coffee
​• 150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
• Organic Medium Roast Arabic Coffee Beans
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​CBD Keto Creamer. Hazelnut, Vanilla or Mocha
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• ​75mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
• ​​Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-Dairy, Cruelty Free, and Sugar Free
• ​Zero THC

Hemp CBD Infused Coffee & CBD Keto Coffee Creamer

​​Hemp CBD Infused Coffee & CBD Keto Coffee Creamer

​The CBD products above has a test certicate

The products above all come with a test certificate on the canabinoids profile to prove the content of the CBD. An example below of a certificate.

CBD to ​Cure Cancer - Does CBD has any effect on cancer?

There are benefits of using CBD Oil in the management and treatment of cancer. Obviously CBD can be used as a pain reliever in a cancer patient.
However I will not and can not claim that CBD cure cancer, ​but there are anecdotes and reports and in vitro test that show it can potential have an effect on cancer. I posted several videos below, so you can make your own judgment about it's efficicy in treating cancer.

How Cannabinoids Cause Cancer Cells to Die. Dennis Hill tell about his selfcure of prostate cancer with Cannabis oil. However he used Rick Simpsons Oil, which is extract from the "high" cannabis plant - extract that contain both THC (the hight cannabionoid) and CBD (the non-high cannabinoid). So it was not only CBD oil.  

​[CannMed 2017] Debra Kimless - Case Presentations of Cancer Patients Treated with Cannabis Oil. ​In the video is mentioned CBD's positive effect on prostate cancer e.g. these articles: Towards the use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids for prostate cancer | The endocannabinoid system in prostate cancer | Induction of Apoptosis by Cannabinoids in Prostate and Colon Cancer Cells Is Phosphatase Dependent |

​Cancer survivor talks about CBD

​CBD Oil Benefits for Pain, Anxiety and More (with Dr. Billy Demoss)

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Hemp CBD Infused Coffee & CBD Keto Coffee Creamer



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