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90-Day CBD Challenge Review

How to Create a CBD Hemp Oil Business

CBD is one of the hottest trends right now and the fastest growing industry. Here's my 90-Day CBD Challenge review below. The 90-Day CBD Challenge membership is a complete automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

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90-Day CBD Challenge ReviewOfficial Website: https://cbdchallenge.me
Product Name: 90 Day CBD Challenge.

The CBD Challenge gives you the opportunity to Join for FREE to try it out, then to Upgrade and become an Executive and


Join CBD Challenge. Button on 90 day CBD Challenge review

get access to your own affiliate links to refer​ free members to the challenge and earn weekly commissions when they purchase an Executive package, and overrides when they sell Executive Packages.

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review


CBD Hemp oil is one of the hottest trends right now in the industry, so we built a fully automated turnkey marketing system that promotes and sells CBD Oil to help you earn commissions!

Watch the Video below for more details and then click here to join free and learn more how you can become an affiliate and how you can get your own custom link to promote the 90 Day Challenge system which I review here.

In the video and on this CBD Challenge review site, I will show you how you can start in the 90-Day CBD Challenge system, not only as a free member, but as an affiliate, so you will be able to make money - up to $200 Per Referral when you tell others about the 90-Day CBD Challenge, and the backend money is even bigger! - do not miss this epic opportunity!

Creating an online business with CBD oil utilizing the 90-Day CBD challenge marketing system described on this CBD Challenge Review, is an enormous opportunity which may only happen ONCE in your life time and smart entrepreneurs will know how to position themselves before this green hemp oil CBD trend really takes off!

P.S. During this video I mention the financial gain we've generated thus far. Retail sales well over 6-figures in our first 30 days, and actual PROFIT of over $50,000 in the last 4 weeks.

DISCLAIMER: simply because we share our personal results in the video and on this 90 Day CBD Challenge review page, doesn't mean you can get the same results. Some affiliates create no cash, some create plenty of cash.

You have two options with the CBD Challenge system:

​1. Join CBD Challenge Free - enjoy the free education - buy products (optional)

2. Join CBD Challenge Free and upgrade to executive - buy products - share the opportunity - earn money

The 90-Day CBD Challenge FREE membership includes:

• 90 days of free training that will teach you all about CBD oils, what it is, how to buy it, how to make a business with CBD oils. Each day will unlock after 24 hours.
• You can purchase products if you like

In order to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge review and make money with our program you need to upgrade to Executive.

The 90-Day CBD Challenge Executive membership includes:

• The same as the free membership, however as an executive all 90 days unlock immidiately.
• The ability to promote the 90-Day CBD Challenge opportunity and earn money. You get an affiliate link to promote.
• affiliate backoffice with tools, stats and 10 days of video training how to promote and advertise and general tips that are valuable for any affiliate

90 day CBD Challenge review - red arrow pointing to enroll in the CBD Challenge
Join CBD Challenge. Button on 90 day CBD Challenge review

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review

90-Day CBD Challenge - 90 days Free education

Once you become a free member of the 90-day CBD Challenge you have 12 weeks - that's 90 days of Video education on CBD

Checkout the screenshot below from the free member backoffice. In left menu you see 12 weeks - each week is 7 days of video education. Below a list of the backoffice left menu and what is covered in Your 90-day CBD Challenge and this review.

Week 1: CBD Websites
Week 2: CBD Legalities
Week 3: CBD Knowledge
Week 4: CBD Branding
Week 5: CBD Marketing
Week 6: CBD Advertising
Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Week 9: CBD List Building
Week 10: CBD Distributors

​Week 11: CBD Worldwide
Week 12: CBD Dispensaries

Bonus Week: CBD News

CBD Affiliates Center
CBD Affiliates Compliance
CBD Leadership Team
CBD Certification
CBD Leaderboard

Getting Started - Welcome to the Challenge. ​All 12 weeks content below - what is covered in this Challenge review.

Week 1: CBD Websites
In this week’s training, we are diving into setting up the foundation for your CBD online business.
We will show you how to setup your pages, pick a domain, create sales funnels and a lot more! My CBD Challenge review

Day 1. CBD Website Week Introduction
Day 2. Setting Up Your CBD Store Pages
Day 3. Setting Up Your CBD Domain Name
Day 4. Setting Up Your CBD URL Shortener
Day 5. Setting Up Your CBD Challenge Pages
Day 6. Setting Up Your CBD Recruiting Pages
Day 7. CBD Affiliate Link Tracking & Testing

Week 2: CBD Legalities
When it comes to CBD Oil, it’s important to be compliant with the laws. In this weekly series we will cover disclaimers, disclosures, trademarks, compliance, operating your business as an entity, and more. My CBD Challenge review

Day 8. CBD Legal Week Introduction
Day 9. Running a Compliant CBD Business
Day 10. Clear & Conspicuous Disclosures in Online Marketing
Day 11. How Disclaimers Actually Close More Sales
Day 12. Understanding Trademarks & Copyright Usage
Day 13. Policies & Procedures for CBD Affiliates
Day 14. Using a Business Entity (LLC) for your CBD Business

90 day CBD Challenge review - FREE member CBD Challenge backoffice

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing 1st. weeks videos - My CBD Challenge Review

90 day CBD Challenge review - red arrow pointing to enroll in the CBD Challenge
Join CBD Challenge. Button on 90 day CBD Challenge review

Week 3: CBD Knowledge

It’s CBD Knowledge Week! Which means it’s time to brush up on your CBD and Hemp Awareness.
We will breakdown a variety of topics that we feel it’s important for you to learn, and hopefully you become an expert in the process!

Day 15. CBD Knowledge Week Introduction
Day 16. CBD From Seed to Oil (Ultimate Guide to CBD)
Day 17. CBD Selling - What you Should and Shouldn't Say
Day 18. CBD vs. THC - Knowing the Difference
Day 19. CBD Oil & Drug Tests - Will You Pass?
Day 20. CBD 3rd Party Testing - Understanding What It Means
Day 21. The History & The Future of Hemp Explained

Week 4: CBD Branding
Welcome to branding week! It’s about to get real fun! In this week’s lessons you will learn how to create your own customized graphics with your own call to action and website links on them! Let’s Go!

Day 22 . CBD Branding Week Introduction
Day 23. Creating a Call To Action Graphic for your Campaigns
Day 24. Custom CBD Pictures for IG & FB
Day 25. Custom CBD Story Swipe Ups for IG & FB
Day 26. Custom CBD Videos for Facebook Profiles
Day 27. Custom CBD Video Memes for IG & FB
Day 28. Custom Animated Graphic Videos Promotion CBD

Week 5: CBD Marketing
You’ve been learning a lot, now it’s time to take massive action and market your CBD business! This week is packed with the best FREE marketing strategies that you can start with to create traffic, leads, and sales! (on my CBD Challenge review page)

Day 29. CBD Marketing Introduction
Day 30. CBD Challenge Posts on Social Media
Day 31. CBD Videos & Ranking in YouTube
Day 32. CBD Blogging & Ranking in Google
Day 33. CBD Business Cards for In-Person Marketing
Day 34. CBD Webinars for Influencers
Day 35. CBD Business Elevator Pitches

Week 7: CBD Facebook Ads
During week 7 we take a deep dive directly into Facebook Ads at a high level. We will teach you how to prevent your ads from getting flagged and prevent your account from getting shut down, as well as the basics on how to advertise on Facebook! - (​CBD Challenge review)

Day 43. Facebook Ads Introduction
Day 44. How to AVOID Getting Your Ads Account Banned
Day 45. The $5/Day Facebook Ad Method
Day 46. Running Facebook Messenger Ads for CBD
Day 47. Running Facebook Video Ads for CBD
Day 48. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 49. Facebook Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 8: CBD Instagram Ads
Instagram is one of the most untapped paid advertising resources available to you!
We will teach you a combination of strategies including swipe up ads, video ads, influencer shout outs, and so much more!

Day 50. Instagram Ads Week Introduction
Day 51. Instagram Picture Ads
Day 52. Instagram Video Ad
Day 53. Instagram Story Ads
Day 54. Instagram Shout Outs
Day 55. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Trials
Day 56. Instagram Bridge Ads to Sell CBD Opportunity

Week 9: CBD List Building
In this week’s lessons we will teach you how to create your own lead capture pages and build your own email list!
Learn how to create lead magnets, how to write autoresponder emails, and more!

Day 57. Listbuilding Week Introduction
Day 58. Setting Up Your Email Marketing System
Day 59. Creating Your First Autoresponder Emails
Day 60. Creating CBD Lead Magnets to Build Your List
Day 61. Creating Lead Capture Pages & Automating Them
Day 62. Segmenting Your Leads & Staying Organized
Day 63 .Email Marketing Tips to Convert Leads to CBD Sales

Week 10: CBD Distributors
During distributor week we will dive further into exactly How Your Get PAID and How You Earn Commissions as a CBD review Distributor. We will go into much further detail on the 8 ways that you should be getting paid!

Day 64. Distributors Week Introduction
Day 65. 8 Ways to Get Paid - Explained in Detail
Day 66. Tips to Ranking on CBD Leaderboards
Day 67. CBD Sample Marketing Campaigns
Day 68. Gameplan: Your First $10,000 in CBD Sales
Day 69. How to Attract & Recruit CBD Sales Reps
Day 70. How to Recruit Big Hitters to Team Up With You

Week 11: CBD Worldwide
CBD is regulated in different ways depending on the country you are trying to ship to. In this week’s lessons we will cover topics exclusively to members that are living internationally, or selling internationally, to bring you up to speed.

Day 71. CBD Worldwide Week Introduction
Day 72. The Vision for Worldwide CBD review Expansion
Day 73. How to Pre-Build in a Country Not Yet Allowing CBD
Day 74. How to Profit on USA CBD Sales if you are International
Day 75. Creating "CBD Waiting Lists" to Blast When CBD Opens
Day 76. The "First Movers Advantage" System for Selling CBD
Day 77. How to Get Paid Commissions when International

Week 12: CBD Dispensaries
During this week’s videos we will interview several dispensary owners to get their perspective on the market and to share their stories. Hopefully their stories and experience give you inspiration as to why you are in the right industry at the right time with the right team!

Day 78. CBD Dispensary Week Introduction
Day 79. What are Dispensaries and How They Work
Day 80. How to Get Your CBD Oil Sold in Dispensaries
Day 81. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 1
Day 82. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 2
Day 83. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 3
Day 84. Interview - CBD Dispensary Owner 4

Bonus Week: CBD News
We will keep you updated with news, facts, and statistics related to the CBD industry so that you can have more intellectual conversations with people about it. Our goal is to help you stay on top of the market with the best news we can find!

Day 85. United States - Current State of CBD
Day 86. Canada - Current State of CBD
Day 87. Europe - Current State of CBD
Day 88. International - Current State of CBD
Day 89. CBD Industry News and reviews - Worldwide
Day 90. USA Farm Bill - Critical Updates

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review

​90-Day CBD Challenge Review & affiliate dashboard, tools & training

​Screenshot below from the backoffice of the 90-Day CBD Challenge Review membership program, showing the affiliate dashboard - and the training and tools  available the CBD when you upgrade to executive

As a 90-Day CBD Challenge member, upgraded to executive, you have the ability to earn commissions on all 90-Day CBD Challenge review products.

Affiliate Dashboard

The training for affiliates will uplock once you upgrade to become executive member. Each day is around 1 hour video

DAY 9: RANK 100K IN 100 DAYS

Your affiliate links, Banners, Videos, Emails, Social, Ads

View all of your TRAFFIC, LEADS, AND SALES stats. Including the ability to add your own conversion pixel to your links, and the ability to track which sources are converting the best for you, such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc

​View users personally referred to the CBD Challenge review.

Achieve Rank 5K or higher in a calendar month and qualify for recognition on this page AND be entered into a monthly drawing to win amazing prizes! (1 entry per rank you are qualified at)

Chris Record
Chris Record is the founder of the CBD Challenge and brings to the table nearly 20 years of online marketing experience. When Chris was 21 years old he started his own website design and SEO agency. Then, when Facebook launched Chris was one of the first pioneers to create a Facebook Marketing course, which catapulted into a teaching career with well over 100,000 students worldwide.

90 day CBD Challenge review - CBD Challenge Affiliate backoffice

Screen Shot 90-day CBD Challenge backoffice - showing 1st. weeks videos

Join CBD Challenge. Button on 90 day CBD Challenge review

Income disclamer
Obviously the 90-Day CBD Challenge membership, presented in this 90-Day CBD Challenge Review, doesn't guarantee any income as results depend on your efforts, advertising and ability to be teachable and learn.

Affiliate Marketing isn't a get-rich-quick concept. It takes labor and talent to create cash, however the 90-Day CBD Challenge system creators do their greatest to supply you with a good system, a solid selling strategy, a lot of  coaching, and the simplest way to take advantage on this new green rush which CBD Oil is. What you choose to do with 90-Day CBD Challenge membership and system review is up to you. Results will Vary.

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review

90-Day CBD Challenge Commissions

The 90-day CBD Challenge is a Free, unique and specific marketing system for HempWorx company that is selling CBD Oils in a network marketing model. My CBD Challenge Review above.

Which means you buy products and earn money from that company. Thus your money earning is according to their compensation plan. The compensation plan is a combined unilevel and binary plan.

The 90-day Challenge strategy is NOT to focus on the binary plan initially, until you have reached a certain level. That's a huge advantage, which is explained in the training.

... and there is plenty of money to earn in the unilevel plan which pays you a certain percentage on product sales - up to 10 levels deep.

Which means, if you enroll a person and that person enroll a person and that person enroll a person, you earn commissions on all product sales up to 10 levels deep.  Thus the key to earn big money is to get your enrollees to also enroll people, in other words: duplication.

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review

FAQ from CBD Challenge Affiliates about the CBD Challenge System

Common Question #1  - on CBD Challenge review

So what do CBD Challenge Affiliates do to make money?

They promote the 90-Days of Training that people get when they join the 90-Day CBD Challenge as a free member. They promote using our custom affiliate links.

If your like me who wrote this CBD Challenge review and other successful affiliates, you are using the Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy that Chris Record and Peter Sorensen teach in DAY 6 of our 10-Day Affiliate Fast Start training!

If you have not yet watched this training yet, go watch it today! And if you have watched it already, then I'd still say watch it again!

And after you watch it, the even more important thing to do is take action on the strategy!

Every single day you should be focused on income producing activities which in this business are things like:

• Growing your social media following / FB Friends list / Email list.
• Starting new conversations in platforms like FB & IG aka the "DM's".
• Leading those conversations into an invitation to join the 90 Day CBD Challenge for free.
• Getting those people to join for free and then following up encouraging them to become Executive affiliates!
• Duplicating this process over and over yourself and with your new affiliate team members. My CBD Review on the challenge.

This is a process that ANYONE can do, requires NO money, just some time and hustle!
And YES our 90 day CBD Challenge system described in this review will do a lot of the follow up and closing work for you, but if you are serious about your business, you should consider taking ownership of that part of your business too.

They primarily focus on one thing... generating quality TRAFFIC to get free members through their affiliate link. When their free members upgrade to executives, they earn up to $200 in commissions, paid weekly, for each upgrade.

And when their referred executive affiliates also make sales, they override up to $40 in commission on each of those sales, paid weekly! This continues a couple of more tiers. $32 override per executive on the next tier, and then $20 override per executive on the next tier.

We call this Affiliate Marketing With Leverage!
The overall goal of executive affiliates is to simply refer as many FREE members as they can, using their coded affiliate links.

Our system will send them emails like the one your reading now and work hard to help them upgrade to executives so that they earn commissions.

Common Question #2 - on CBD Challenge review

"So what about the spillover volume that is being placed under me in this MASSIVE power leg your building, how does that benefit me?

Let me be clear... this helps in a MAJOR WAY!
When you refer your free members, our entire team (of thousands of affiliates) all place their members at the bottom of the power leg.

So your FREE members will now have a huge incentive to upgrade by Thursday, or they will lose all the paid members in their leg that upgrade. At the end of every Thursday night, this cycles, all upgraded members move above the free members, and it starts over.

In a nutshell, it's a huge advantage to have hundreds of affiliates above you building and stacking volume under the free members that you enroll. We call this a Super Leg System! It converts much higher than when you try to upgrade executives yourself.

Many of our Executive affiliates making sales are saying it converts as much as 5-10x more, which is insane in the conversion world! Do you get paid when affiliates above you place people below you? NO, that would be free money for doing nothing.

HOWEVER, that volume does come into play later, when it's time to switch out of the super leg and start building your own inside leg from scratch. At that point, you'll get paid $15/mo override on every single autoship order that happens on your new inside leg.

Now that may not sound like much, but that's on EVERY autoship that everyone in that entire inside leg refers, which could potentially be thousands of autoships, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars per month in commissions down the line.

It's not much money in the short term to build an inside leg, and it's much harder to do it on your own in the beginning, so that's why we have a Super Leg System!

This Super Leg System is what is helping our newbie affiliates close more sales, have more success and make more money in their first few months of the business.

Plus, with much higher conversions, it's a no-brainer to work the Super Leg System!

All that volume we stack under people helps them in 3 significant ways.

1) Higher Conversion Rates - Significantly increases conversions of free members to Executive Affiliates.

2) Leg Balancing - Down the line when you switch to building an inside leg, one of your 2 binary legs is already built up by our super team, so you have significantly less work to do in order to balance and earn commissions.

3) Check Matching - That volume helps balance for people you refer too, so when they switch to building their inside legs, you will check match on them, which can be a nice monthly check as well.

So as you can see by now, we have created a BRILLIANT turn-key sales and marketing system to help you make money online in the HOTTEST product & business trend of 2019, CBD!

To make money using our CBD Challenge System, your simple action steps are:

1. Be An Executive Level Affiliate Yourself
2. Watch Our 10-Day Fast Start Affiliate Training
3. Focus on referring pre-qualified prospects to join the free 90-Day CBD Challenge.

From there, our system works hard to convert a high percentage of your free members to Executives, earning you up to $200 per referral! - And when your new referrals duplicate the above steps, your now also earning you up to $40 per referral they make, creating leveraged income!

I hope this ​text and this CBD Challenge review was helpful for you to be able to understand and explain the power of our CBD Challenge system to others! And like I said in my email to you yesterday, stay tuned for some BIG updates and exciting announcements for our CBD Challenge system and training.

​Is 90-Day CBD Challenge Program a Scam?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Program a Scam?
No, why do you think so? this is an honest review of the 90 day CBD Challenge.

Is 90-Day CBD Challenge membership Affiliate Program Legit?
Yes, I think it pretty clear when you read my review of this CBD Challenge program.

​CBD Products

CBD Products on 90 day CBD Challenge review

​Hemp CBD Infused Coffee
​• 150mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
• Organic Medium Roast Arabic Coffee Beans
• Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Non-GMO
• Affordable - As little as $2.30 per cup!
• ​Zero THC

​CBD Keto Creamer. Hazelnut, Vanilla or Mocha
​• ​Three Delicious Flavors
• ​75mg of Hemp-Derived CBD Per Box (5mg per cup)
• ​​Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-Dairy, Cruelty Free, and Sugar Free
• ​Zero THC

Hemp CBD Infused Coffee & CBD Keto Coffee Creamer

​​Hemp CBD Infused Coffee & CBD Keto Coffee Creamer

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review

​buy ​CBD Oil or Join the CBD Oil Business Opportunity

CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review
CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review


CBD Drop on my 90 day CBD Challenge review

​Disclamer on this Review page for the 90 Day CBD Challenge

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Income Disclaimer: Income examples shown are for educational purpose only to show what is possible. My CBD-Challenge review does not guarantee any income - as for everything in life Your income will reflect the work you put into Your business.

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